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Sex sites for women used be rarer than a female orgasm in a porno until a few years ago. Then a number of women's sites appeared. In a few short years, more sex sites have been designed for the sexual tastes of women. Up until recently, women had to make do with mainstream hardcore sites, or pictures of gay men. Now there's a growing number of premium adult sex sites for women. There's also plenty of creative chicks out there writing wonderful erotic fiction, and photographing the kind of sexual material that satisfies the special sexual fantasies of women.

This site aims to provide a gateway for you, the female surfer, to begin your search for women's erotica. Be warned, there are someweb sites out there pretending to be "for women"; chances are you will be confronted with gay ads or hardcore gay sex. Unfortunately, there are men out there who seem to think that only gay men look at sites labelled "for women". This site aims to counteract this sort of misinformation. Rest assured, all the sites on Sex Sites for Women are truly FOR WOMEN. Real women, with as much sexual desire as any man. You can have your choice of naked men, sexy and sensual couples photos, hardcore sex, men in briefs, hunks and studs, erotic fiction, articles and heaps more.

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For Women Only - A series of vignettes featuring female fantasies - including one where a woman's boyfriend dresses up as a fireman to seduce her.

Caribbean Undercover - a hot and steamy spy story that Freddy and Eddy said was "one of our favourite titles"

Touched for the First Time - a beautiful artist dreams that her sculpture comes to life and acts out her wildest sexual desires.

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