Sex Sites For Women

Best Sex Sites for Women

Here you'll find our recommendations for the best porn for women sites available on the net.

For The Girls is my idea of a perfect women's erotica site. Why? Because I own it! My partner and I have worked really hard to create exactly the kind of premium site we would want to join. We've hand picked all the photos of hunky men and sexy couples, chosen the best 4women videos, written heaps of sex stories, articles and columns, added advice and humour, games and jokes and lots more. Satisfaction is the aim of the game - and we're sure For The Girls offers it in spades :)

Couples Pleasure Dome lets you download and watch scenes from a wide range of DVD quality full-length adult movies. All the movies on this site have been chosen by ME :) so you know they're going to be high quality, with plots and great sex. The movies are all female and couples-friendly, and you also get access to every other site in the network. That's thousands of great movies!

Hetero Male Porn Stars features all the hottest scenes by the best looking straight male porn stars in the business. You get free access to this site when you join Couples Pleasure Dome - a new women's erotica site for those new to smut. Lots of sexy guys, couples and even fetish pics, but the real strength of this site lies with it's articles, stories and information. Quality writing is the hallmark of Sssh, which employs a team of special writers. If you're curious about sex magic, oral sex or romantic getaways, you'll love this site.

Women's Porno is an "elder stateswoman" of women's porn, and remains one of the most popular women's sex sites. I've got a bit of a thing for the first page of the tour. The content on this site is just massive - you really get your money's worth. And remember, when you become a member, you also gain access to 22 other adult sites, including Erotic Story Vault!

Three Pillows is for those who dream of getting it on with two men. This site explores bi-sexual sex without going into the usual cliches of double adapters and such. If you don't mind seeing guys get it on with guys (while women watch) this might be for you. And if you dig the idea of being pleasured by two men who devote all their attention to you... well, go for it!

Erotic Fiction Sites

Story Time Porn - A site aimed at men, however the good news is that it's offering a free trial membership. So if you can handle the facials and male-oriented fiction, this could be the site for you.

Erotic Story Vault - Entry to this site gives you free access to Womens Porno and a whole pile of other sites, so it's a great deal.

Premium AVS Sites
Women's Erotica Club is a huge portal of quality porn for women - hot hunks, hardcore sex, sensual couples and quality erotic fiction. It's all in one place - and you get access to heaps of other AVS sites.

Pure Cunnilingus features over 75 galleries of men on their knees. No other site on the internet has this many cunnilingus pics! Plus articles, fiction and heaps more.

SexFantasy Stories is erotic fiction within the realm of fantasy. Read of sex with demons, monsters, Greek Gods and more. 

Masturbating Men caters to all those women who love to watch men pleasure themselves. Quality galleries of guys jerking off, plus specially written erotic fiction.

Erect Men - gorgeous good looking straight guys getting nude and hard for you. Plus erotic fiction, articles and more

Female Fantasies delves into the erotic mind with fantasy scenarios, lush costume dramas and lavish erotic fiction. A huge site devoted to indulging women's sexual fantasies!

Hardcore for Her censors nothing. Over 1000 erotic couples and naked men pics, the Brown Hornet, erotic fiction, sex tips and sexy books. There's a lot here!

Loving Couples features a gorgeous married couple making love in a camping scene. The photos in this series show real warmth and affection, and are perfect for the horny yet romantic woman.

Naked Well Hung Men features plenty of gorgeous hunks who are all very well endowed. If you love checking out huge tackle, this is the site for you.

Playful Couples - sex should be filled with laughter, and this site celebrates fun, playful sex.

Goddess Erotica - Showcasing quality erotic photography of nudes and couples, as well as erotic fiction and articles. Bring out your inner sex goddess!

The Cunnilingus Site celebrates oral sex with over 800 explicit couples photos, a choose your own adventure story, and heaps of erotic fiction, all of which revolves around a good licking. 

Big Dick Men revels in the large penis, and is well proportioned with the well endowed. Hundreds of photos of hunks with big dicks, great illustrated sex stories, plus interesting articles on what it's like to be well hung, and why men fake orgasm. Lots of fascinating reading!

Costume Fantasies - nothing like getting dressed up and shagging each other senseless. Heaps of hardcore costume sex, Roman orgies, masters and slaves, sex spirits, Queens and heaps more.

Sex for Women - hunky guys and glorious couples porn, plus heaps of interesting articles and a sex positions guide

Sensual Couples has over 1000 glorious photos of couples kissing, hugging, engaging in foreplay and, of course, fucking. Along with erotic fiction, this site features articles on anal sex, the G spot, Brazilian waxes and other topics. 

69x69 - 69 photos of couples giving each other oral pleasure

50 Men, 50 Big Dicks - A selection of well endowed nude men

Artistic Male Nudes - beautifully photographed naked men

Cunnilingus Zone is devoted to oral sex for women. It has 5 galleries of hardcore oral sex shots, plus erotic fiction and sex tips.

Dicks! Dicks! Dicks! For the penis-loving woman. There's plenty of good-looking, hunky guys, plus dick books, dick facts, and a look at full frontal male nudity in film.

Doing It Doggy Style - Hardcore pics of a favourite sex position

Male Centerfolds - a selection of very very good looking straight men - naked!

Massively Hung Men - plenty of pics of spectacularly large men in all their enormous glory

Me and My Husband Make Love - Megan and her husband James explore their sex lives and get hardcore for the camera. Oral sex, sex from behind and lots of kissing.

My Favourite Porn for Women Photos - Webmistress Kayel has sought out 50 of the best women's erotica photos in her collection. This is what all women's porn should look like.

Sexy Seductions - men and women seducing each other in erotic ways. Plus tips on how to seduce a man, erotic fiction, articles and more!

More Sites for Women

Room Service
Jacinta is "serviced" by a handsome busboy who brings her a gift

A Little Light Bondage
Two couples experiment with tying each other up

Dickzilla Men
Fun photoshopped pics of guys with enormous cocks

Cunnilingus In Ten Positions
Men licking women in a variety of different ways

Trouser Snakes On A Plain
Two hot hunky muthafuckin' guys get naked in the desert

Nude Male Celebrity Lookalikes
These guys LOOK like famous hot guys - and they're naked!

Beefcake With Beards
Gorgeous men with stubble, goatees and beards

Couples Fucking Outdoors
Sexy couple getting it on outside

Hairy Chested Hunks
Gorgeous nude guys with hair on their chest

I'm Thankful For Thin Guys
Can't get enough of hot nude men who aren't buff.

And The Winner Is...
She has a fantasy of fucking on stage.

Jam Packed Tighty Whities
Beautiful men filling out their underwear

Hot 80s Chick Magnets
Mullets abound in this hilarious 80s site full of naked men

Water Fantasy
Sensual couples in the pool and shower enjoying wet sex

Hunky Men Without Shirts
Studs showing off their chests and biceps

Naked Matthew McConaughey Lookalike
He's not Matthew, but he's as close as we could get

Do My Laundry, Lover
Ah, the hotness that is hunky men washing clothes

Muscle Men Get Nude
Two beefy muscular guys strip off

Dick Slips
Guys accidentally slipping out of their shorts and briefs

Muff Diving Males
Guys who love to go down and lick clit

Nude Redhead Guys
Ginger-haired hotties show off their cocks - and the drapes match the carpet

Pussy Licking Upside Down
Men turning their lovers around for some serious clit licking fun

Men Licking Clit
Hot male lovers who know how to tongue a clit well

The Kissing Site
Lovers passionately kissing and making love

Orgasmic Male Faces
Special photos of men's faces as they masturbate and come

The Cunnilingus Site
Dedicated to oral sex for women. 2 galleries, real stories and more.

Free Porn for Women
Naked straight men, gratuitous butt shots and an article on male nudity in film.

My Favourite Porn for Women Photos
Webmistress Kayel has sought out the best women's erotica photos in her collection. This is what all women's porn should look like.

Big Dick Men
Hot looking naked men. And are black men really bigger?

Dicks! Dicks! Dicks!
Three cheers for the dick! Dick pics, dick facts, dick jokes...

Erotic Foreplay
Celebrating kisses, hugs, cuddles, licks and all the good things that make us love foreplay.

Grandma Scrotum’s Sex Tips
Grandma delivers her own brand of hand-knitted sex advice, plus photos of nude young whippersnappers.

Naked Straight Men
Lots and lots of nude men.

The Captive Man
Deep within her power, the Captive Man must satisfy her every desire. 2 galleries of a male slave plus a look at bondage porn for women.

Cleopatra’s Den
Cleopatra orders her slaves to pleasure her. Article about the real Egyptian queen.

Close Encounters
Gallery 1 features Will and Linda getting close. Gallery 2 has a variety of lovers. Plus original erotic fiction and a pile of silly men jokes.

Danglin' Cowboys
Yeehah - check out these good lookin' cowpokes, and danged if they aint naked and all.

Dick Tricks
Sexy men performing tricks with their big dicks. It's better than the circus. Who'd have thought you could do that with a chair?

Ebony for Her
Naked black men and sexy African-American couples. Plus an article on faking orgasm and links to great women’s sites.

Erotic Doctor
A Doctor and Nurse get close after hours at the hospital

Barry Whopper and His Saucy Bone
Barry gets out his impressive magic wand.

Food Porn
Recipes for naked men, including Chocolate Stud Muffin, and Tiramansu. Plus hot pics, sexual euphemisms and a look at women's erotica.

Free Naked Black Men
Are black men bigger? See for yourself! 2 galleries of gorgeous black hunks, an article on penis size and the better sex guide.

Happy Porn for Her
A site where all the naked men are smilling - guaranteed to make you happy.

Loving Couples
A married couple go camping and begin to make love.

Me and My Husband Make Love
A married amateur couple make love for the cameras

Ooh My! That Man is Adorable!
Two galleries of the most gorgeous men this webmistress has ever seen.

Playful Couples
Pool sex and food fights - 3 galleries of playful couples having sexy fun

Please Fondle My Buttocks
Couples getting a grip on each other's bums as they make love.

Romantic Amateurs
Sexy amateurs get down and dirty together and let a friend take pictures

Romantic Couples
Couples getting romantic and making love, plus sex tips

Romantic Lovers
Students Kim and Rasta Bob make love

Sex for Women
Articles on clit pumps, the G spot, anal sex as well as centrefolds and adult products.

Sexy Liaisons
Celebrates dangerous sex! Two couples galleries and real stories of illicit sex.

Smut for Women
Naked men, dirty jokes, obscene books... it's all really smutty

Womens Pornography
Couples and naked men galleries.

For The Girls

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Sex Guides. Manuals and Products for Women

Better Sex Guide
The following great services can all help you to improve your sex life and put some zing back into your lovemaking!

My Sex Secrets is a new sex advice site run by therapist Erica with the help of her husband Steve. This incredible site is simply HUGE. This great sex guide offers tips and advice on every possible sex topic you could think of! Mystical sex secrets, sex positions guide, tantric sex, g spots, oral sex guides, secrets, fantasies, penis size, sexual muscle training, extended orgasm, Kama Sutra, and more. There's separate men's and women's sections, plus sex stories, erotic art and fascinating ezines. First class site!

The Sex Positions Guide is a wonderful online resource offering tips on over 200 sex positions, including graphic videos. Plus heaps of other stuff to keep you entertained.

GameLink adult store stocks the Candida Royalle Femme series of videos, as well as her wonderful vibrators as well. You can also download and watch adult movies at this wonderful online shop!

Bedroomsports. If you're after your first sex toy, I recommend you head over to this great store. They've got a wide range of vibrators and other sex toys, and they guarantee secure shopping and discreet delivery every time.

The Feather Touch Personal Shaver lets you get the smooth, sexy look without the painful Brazilian wax! If you dare to go bare, or if you just want to trim the bikini line, the Pussy Shaver is the only shaver designed specifically for women's pubic areas.