Porn Sites for Women


Porn Sites for Women

Welcome! We know how hard it can be to find good erotica for women. So many adult sites on the internet today pretend to be for female surfers, but they are either mainstream sites with little to offer women, or gay sites in disguise.

Porn Sites for Women aims to take the hassle out of choosing a premium women's site. We've visited and reviewed all the sites in this directory with an aim to providing an honest and straightforward guide to what's available.

Choose from the current reviews:

Site Name Our Rating

For The Girls

"Well girls, this is about as good as women's erotica gets. The ladies behind For The Girls have obviously done their research and set out to offer a truly worthwhile paysite, one that's definitely worth the money." Recommended!

"No doubt about it, is a classy act. The tour is beautiful to look at and comes with its own Shakespearean quotes. This site promises a quality, romantic yet intellectual erotic magazine, and on the whole, it comes up with the goods."

Pure Cunnilingus

"This site has focused completely on cunnilingus. All the photos and movies are of men licking pussy. This in itself is a virtue. This content is pretty damned hard to find on the internet..."

Couples Pleasure Dome

"Couples Pleasure Dome promotes itself as a site for women and couples which means that it's mainly focused on hardcore hetero couples content. Downloadable videos are the next big thing and it's nice to see a movie site catering to women..."

Hetero Male Porn Stars

"The site promises that all the male porn stars featured are good looking - something that hasn't been a priority when it comes to choosing male talent in the past. This is good to see. We girls enjoy looking at handsome men fucking!"

The sites have been reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Is the site really for women? i.e. is it real women's erotica or just a gay site? Does it offer content that women will enjoy?

  • What kind of photos and movies are on offer - couples, men, fetish etc

  • Do the photos and movies reflect female experiences and fantasies? 

  • Are the photos and movies of good quality?

  • How much content is there on offer?

  • Are the articles, stories and written content informative and well written?

  • Does the site make use of mainstream men's content?

  • Does the site offer any kind of special deal, and is it worth it?

Porn Sites for Women also offers information about how much each site costs, and links to any sample galleries these sites may have.

Our aim is to better inform you, the female surfer, about what kind of premium sites are currently available and whether they are value for money.

We will continue to search out women's erotica sites, as well as any adult site that we think women will genuinely enjoy.

Sites of Interest to Women

Site Name Our Rating



Recommended Porn Movies For Women

Candida Royalle's Caribbean Heat

Candida Royalle's Caribbean Heat. Enter the sultry tropics of the Caribbean where lovers become lost in the erotic splendor of an untamed world. Manuela Sabrosa, under the tutorship of women's erotica pioneer Candida Royalle, shows you what lovers in her corner of the world do when the temperature rises.

Find out more about this great film.

Recommended Adult Products

Lelo Lily Pleasure Object
Lelo Lily
Lelo are helping to redefine the sex toy with their amazing range of "pleasure objects." This little baby produces amazing vibrations and the unique design means it can be targeted right on your clit. It's also very small and discreet and doesn't look anything like a sex toy! It's rechargeable, very quiet, comes in range of colours and also has a 1 year warranty. This is one sex toy you HAVE to own!



Waterproof Jackrabbit Vibe
Jackrabbit vibe
The rabbit has earned its reputation as the most famous vibrator in the world. It really does give a lot of bang for your buck. 100% waterproof for fun in or out of the water. The playful rabbit with its synchronized rotating metal beads and reversing action has 3 speeds of vibration, 3 speeds of rotation, and one touch activation. EZ load battery case. Uses 3AA batteries
Available in Pink and Purple.


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