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Women's Adult Sites are becoming increasingly common. You still have to be careful with your search terms, but increasingly you can find a women's site in amongst the usual hardcore mainstream stuff. This is good news for all those horny women who, in the past, have been deprived of decent women's erotica. Porn sites for women often contain naked men, hardcore couples, and sensual sex... The adult content is different to standard porn because it offers a positive view of women and sex, and it depicts a female viewpoint of the sexual experience. In many of these kinds of sites, the female orgasm is the prime objectives. All these things are starting to become available to women, if they are prepared to look.

As a creator of women's adult sites, I am always striving to create erotica for women that is respectful, sexy, sensual, erotic and generally the sort of thing that women will enjoy. If you're after something distasteful or dirty, you'd best bog off because this site only features sites that are sex-positive - something, I'm sure, that the majority of women prefer in their erotica.

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Women's Porno is sex with eye contact! This site has plenty to offer the horny woman! Very romantic couples pics, lots of quality hardcore, sensual stories, plus FREE ACCESS to over 23 other adult sites. 

For The Girls - An entire women's magazine plus thousands of naked men and erotic and hardcore couples pictorials. Plus movies, erotic fiction and male strippers. A REAL women's erotica site.

Sssh.com - a new women's erotica site for those new to smut. Lots of sexy guys, couples and even fetish pics, but the real strength of this site lies with it's articles, stories and information.  Couples Pleasure Dome - Download heaps of couples-friendly adult films onto your computer and watch them in the privacy of your own home. Quality erotica selected for women and couples

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